Name of ResearchResearcherAbstract PDF pdf3
The Study Festivals and Traditions To Linking Cultural Heritage Sources in Amnat Charoen Province new updateAtcharee ChantamoolDownload pdf3
Indigo Use as Described in Ancient Herbal Medicine Textbooks Narongsak RawarinDownload pdf3
The die dye pattern design, “Lai Dok Tiw” Atcharee ChantamoolDownload pdf3
Wood carving: Contemporary art and culture that appeared in Buddhist art Sathit JekmaDownload pdf3
An Analysis of the Vocabulary in the Urangadhatu Palm-Leaf Manuscript Asst. Prof. Dr. Rachan Ninwannapa ,
Narongsak Rawarin
Download pdf3
Developing skills of weaving with a back strap loom Mrs.Nimnual ChantaroonDownload pdf3
Symbolic Meaning of Indonesian Batik Motifs Mrs.Thatsanee BuaraphaDownload pdf3
The Cultural Tourism Management in Mid Northeastern:
Case Study Khon Kaen Province and Mahasarakham Province
Assoc Prof. Dr. PathomHongsuwan
Miss. Kanika Supits
Download pdf3
The Esan Weaving Village Management for Development
Cultural Tourist Route Links Khon Kaen Province and
Mahasarakham Province
Assoc Prof.Dr.Pathom Hongsuwan
Mrs.Nimnual Chantaroon
Download pdf3
Archaeological History of Rice in Mekong BasinDr.Wiyada RattanapetDownload pdf3
The knowledge of herbs in the Mahapon chapter of
Vessantara Jataka
Dr.Smai WannaudornDownload pdf3
I-san local wisdom woven thread development centerMrs.Nimnual ChantaroonDownload pdf3
Route of rearing Lac in E-san : A Case Study Ban Huae LouaMrs.Nimnual ChantaroonDownload pdf3
The application of logo 150th anniversary of
Maha Sarakham with I-San woven fabric
Mrs.Atcharee ChantamoolDownload pdf3
Appropriates Knowledge Management Model for Community Enterprises: A Case Study of
“Pan-Mai” A Rural Community Enterprise in Thailand
Mrs.Tassanee BuaraphaDownload pdf3
Indigenous Knowledge Management in ebony fruits dyeing at Bann Hau Sapan Group, Phutthaisong district, Buriram.Mrs.Tassanee BuaraphaDownload pdf3
The Political of Textiles; the Construction of meaning in Isan’s textilesMrs.Tassanee BuaraphaDownload pdf3
Traditional Textile Design: The meaning and Identity of Indigenous Weaving at Maha- Sarakham Province.Mrs.Tassanee BuaraphaDownload pdf3
Consumption Behavior of Thai and Vietnamese Tourists on Souvenir Products along the East-West CorridorMrs.Tassanee BuaraphaDownload pdf3