” Granary of knowledge society , sustainable development ”



” Local heritage legacy Development of local land , Thailand Build community ties Mekong Way to unite local , national sustainable ”



” Learning Center and leader of the research in the arts and culture of the East -leading East North ”

Termination of Mission

1. Creation and integration of research in art – culture – society – east quality education . To support teaching and academic services . A reference to recognized national and international levels . Particularly in the GMS and ASEAN.

2. services to the society To create a network of cooperation with the community and society can rely on.
Self -sustaining

3. conservation and protection of cultural dissemination . Traditions and landscape local Issues And cultural National or international

4. The administration departments in line with the identity of the university administration under .
The main good governance

5. Develop and promote a positive image In order to be recognized internationally.

6. Development and Environmental Conservation at the University . The agency and the green Environmentally friendly


1. Outreach Focus on a center of learning and service to the society in the Northeast and relied on in preparing the ASEAN community . And develop a network of cooperation with other agencies . To develop and strengthen the nascent organizations.

2. Research Build knowledge and develop innovations that add value Wattana . Or take advantage of the community and society has established heavyweights research and work with the outstanding and unique. And increase their ability to compete in a tightening of the research network research . Together with researchers outside either in or abroad

3. Management Focus on supporting the development and management of effective corporate compliance , identity response to the development of the university. By management in accordance with good governance . The agency is the quality of education to meet the internal and external quality assurance . And leads the rankings in international institutions

4. To promote the image A form of academic activities and public events to proactively agencies and universities are known and accepted. Ranking and internationally.

5. development agencies, universities , green and environmental protection. Agencies must meet the criteria of a green and environmentally friendly. Promote good health of the personnel . Students who receive services in the field of health promotion with a good hygiene . beautiful surroundings

6. Arts and Culture Promote conservation of protected cultural dissemination . tradition local knowledge And cultural , national and international . To contribute to the community and culture as part of ASEAN in 2015


I   =  Intellect
S  =  elf-knowledge
A  =  Aesthetics
N  =  Notability


  • Trust in the preparation . ASEAN community ‘s social and Community in Northeast
  • A research and work with . The distinctive look and chest . Unlike other institutions
  • Increasing capacity Competition in the field of research . Professors and graduate students, and a network of research collaboration with researchers . Either in or outside the country
  • The organization has a management system . Effective compliance with identity Responding to the development by the Executive Agency under good governance .
  • Agencies must have a format . Academic activities and events Proactive public agencies . Known and recognized and ranked internationally.
  • Universities have Quality criteria of green and environmentally friendly .
  • Published protect conservation development, arts and culture . Wisdom traditions and the local culture and blend in national and international .